Dirt, ‘shrooms & plants.. oh my!

Talking to a dear friend the other day, (whose also been working with me as a client this year) she made a comment along the lines of how easy it’s been for her to address some health issues & bring them into alignment. ‘Just drink some dirt, eat some mushrooms, & stew some plants.. it’s so simple!’..

I heartily agree.. it can be so simple for most of us! 🍄🌱

Green-washing & mass marketing for the big business of alternative ‘health’ supplements has over complicated what people now think they need… Instead, building a strong understanding of what works for your body, how it communicates with you, & how nature works with us, is a fantastic foundation for healing & maintaining wellbeing. 🌹

You can then build onto & work with this foundation, adapting as needed, or adding extra laser-focused care, with a Naturopath, GP, specialist doctor, therapy; anything that you individually require.

Connection holistically, with our body, mind & emotions, is a gift that keeps on giving. 🦋

The message scrawled all over social media these days is that, regardless of your current wellbeing, you need a kitchen full of powders, shakes, ‘detox teas’, all the protein based everything, to slather yourself in highly potent essential oil everyday, & a keto/ raw-vegan/ paleo diet; ABOVE trusting in your bodies own ability to communicate how to BE WELL! 🔥

I say, don’t buy into the hype! Go back to natures basics, & then see what happens 😉 🌎🌱🍄🌕☀️🌊❤️

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