Adulting with Ebonie: a (very) belated podcast share!

SamMant-01-01-1024x1024 In April of last year, the wonderful Ebonie Allard & I shared a smashing chat together on her podcast, Adulting With Ebonie!
I posted it on my other social media pockets, but forgot to create a blog for it.. so here we are..

Ebonie is an amazing coach, & someone whose orbit I’ve been lucky enough to be in for a few years now. In her own words.. “I cheerlead & challenge, hold your hand & give you a kick up the ass.”

Ebonie is the embodiment of her brand & community ethos, “Kickass & Kind”; nurturing & wise, yet deep diving into what needs to be said / done to breakdown your own resistance. I adore her & talking to her was such a pleasure!

You can listen to the podcast & my sleepy-late-at-night voice (time zones, eh?) by clicking here! 
In the episode we spoke about:

  • Making decisions based on our intuition and what makes a ‘good decision maker’
  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Seeing your body as an incredible tool to develop your relationship with intuition
  • Learning how you receive your energies and intuition (e.g. symbolism, kinesthetically)
  • How to interpret your feelings as intuition, and how to listen
  • How what you eat and how you treat your body effects your connection with intuition

Plus, we chat about being in alignment, connecting with our body, food and earth energy.

If you want to check out more of this podcast series, here are some of my faves to get you started; Charlotte Eléa, Eyenie Schultz, & Alexandra Roxo

I hope you enjoy!
Much love,
Sami Lou ❤

P.s I was also interviewed by Andrea Klunder, for her epic podcast, which you can check out here. 💜

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