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Thinking of working with me, but want to know more? Book a free 30min chat, Tea by the Cauldron. Lets find out how well we ‘mesh’! Ask me questions, vibe with your intuition & we can talk about a game plan. CLICK HERE for more info.

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In staying true to my own self-care & health requirements, I open up only four one on one healing consultation calls a week. To snap one of these up you can book by clicking here:


When booking, you will be asked to fill in an intake form which will help me arrive at our session fully prepared to hone in on your specific needs. Please feel free to be as detailed as you like, you can not tell me ‘too much’ (;

You are very welcome to record your session with me for your own future reference, I recommend this, or to have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

I like to be respectful of pronouns, so please let me know yours before our session.

To have a general understanding of how I approach healing, please read this little number. To get to know me a little better, please read my ‘about me‘ if you haven’t already!

A session with me might be for you if:

  • you want to kickstart a change to your current lifestyle routine
  • you cant seem to solve a stubborn health issue
  • you want to learn more about your bodies cycles
  • you want to know how to maintain your good health or optimise on your already great health
  • you want advice about supplements /diet /herbs that are right for you
  • you want to understand your bodies own intuitive healing process
  • you may even want a second opinion on your current health regime

You can review testimonials on my Facebook page here, and email me with any questions at so you can be sure before you make your booking..

Or, go right ahead and book by CLICKING HERE! 

I look forward to connecting with you,

Lots of love,

Sami Lou ❤ x0x

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Terms & Conditions:

  • All calls are currently taken on either Skype or Facebook Messenger Chat.
  • I can only offer refunds up until 24 hours of our scheduled time, but rebooking is available anytime if you (or I) can’t make the appointment.
  • I can not offer refunds after a consult has been completed.
  • If you are unsatisfied with your consult, please let me know, but also be aware that if I am not the right fit as a healer for you, there is honestly not much I can do to remedy this.
  • As my consults are not ‘in person’, I am limited somewhat; this means I do not prescribe, I do not diagnose, & my guidance is not to replace medical advice.
  • If you have severe or acute symptoms, please see a doctor.
  • All information offered by clients is kept in the strictest confidence.
  • I can not offer consults to anyone under 18 years of age, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • I reserve the right to decline anyone as a client, on any grounds.


“I was led to Samantha Mant’s, The Holistic Branch, by pure serendipity and I am so grateful that I stumbled upon her! She is pure magic! After years of non-stop work and stress, my health has slowly been receding. 
I have had low energy levels, hair loss and nearly chronic TMJ.
These problems all come from such a tangle of stress and vulnerability that I did not even know where to begin.

During my session with Samantha, I felt like I could be completely honest without fear of being judged or pushed into treatments/diets that I would not be comfortable with.

Suffice it to say, my session with Samantha was amazing!

Samantha Mant possesses all the qualities that one hopes for in a healer. First of all, she is very knowledgeable about a wide range of disciplines and is very wise for her years. When interpreting my symptoms and issues, she combined her huge depth of knowledge with a unique intuitive ability that really was quite uncanny.

Samantha was able to see very subtle causes and effects, uncover obscured deficiencies, and offer some really helpful insights about stress reduction and nutritional support. She was also very conservative in her approach to treatment options, meaning she kept things as simple and common-sense as possible.

Above all, Samantha is wonderful to talk to because she is genuinely compassionate and gentle. Her manner was so respectful and her advice was so good that I felt an emotional burden lift immediately. Just the fact that someone with such knowledge and skill was capable of listening, understanding and offering me a supportive healing plan was a HUGE gift.

I am already starting to feel better. Just by enjoying some lovely new foods and a few basic vitamins, my tension has greatly reduced. I look forward to reporting back in a couple of months with a more amazing story of transformation!

I am thankful to have had this experience and for anyone who is concerned about pain, health or nutrition for any reason, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Samantha Mant.”


I turned to Samantha Mant when hormonal challenges was giving me a hard time and she guided me to easy and inexpensive solutions that helped and reduced my symptoms radically.

Samantha’s knowledge is deep and thorough and I trust her for both my skin care questions and health issues.

Anna ~ Graphic Designer

Anna Linder

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