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About Sami Lou

Welcome to THB; my web-home infused with my 17 years experience in Naturopathy and lifelong Witch Magick! Here you will find support to walk your own healing path, empowerment to trust your own intuition, and guidance so you can honour your body and true self completely. I believe the more self-trust we have, the more we can live a life with greater freedom and nourishment.

Photo on 1-01-2016 at 2.32 PM (1)I believe we all deserve a life where we feel vital and grounded in ourselves enough to achieve, experience and carve out all that our hearts desire. I want you to feel confident in your own choices regarding you and your family’s healthcare and lifestyle.

My journey finding healing and self-reliant health-care has brought me in touch with my purpose to help others create the same for themselves: A life of freedom, nourishment and fulfilment. My applied knowledge combined with my intuition has never steered me wrong.

I knew I wanted to be a Naturopath from the age of 10. My Mumma took me to see one and fireworks went off inside my heart and brain; I felt that sensation of lightness that comes over you when you *know* you’re onto something good…  After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 5 years of age, I was then tossed around the mainstream medical system, to doctors and specialists who were still new to the concept of children having auto-immune diseases. I ended up extremely sick due to the numerous drugs I was given, some were still in trial stages; I was physically and mentally exhausted and fighting suicidal thoughts.

I knew there must be something out there that jived more with my expectations of healthcare. Even as a child, I could see that the drugs and other methods of treatment were greatly reducing my quality of life and longevity. This isn’t to say that this is the case for everyone, but it surely was for me.

The Naturopath I saw sorted me out by giving me the tools to actually help my own body and mind stay balanced. I was subsequently supported in my desire to be taken off all my regular medication, which put me into a remission phase – praise kittens!

Five years later at the age of 15, with intense excitement, I signed up to study at this naturopath’s college which she ran alongside her clinic. Imagine the most bright-eyed and bushy-tailed squirrel ever – that was me during the next 11 years of my time studying and working there.

I studied and trained under many different teachers, all of whom helped me to hone my skills in healing and medicine, which I could apply for myself as well as others. My ongoing healing path led me to discover even more freedom with my body and soul nourishment. I found a true sense of fulfilment in my life.

I now take great pleasure in helping others to find the same for themselves. I offer support to dig deep into your own truth, your inner resources so you can manifest and bring to the surface alchemised healing. My experience, knowledge and resources combined with your own truth and inner guide will empower you to unlock the mysteries of your body, help you heal and offer you the gift of optimal health.

It’s my soul purpose to share what I am learning, to help others seeking alternative health care approaches. My desire is to help cultivate a world in which we can all trust our intuition to heal ourselves, honour our bodies and live true to who we are. I offer private consultations online to anyone who feels called to work with me.

I have four sessions available per week for one on one consults, where I guide you to see your own self-healing brilliance. I would love to connect with you (click here to see my Work With Me page) 

Please email me at with any questions you may have regarding working together, so you can be confident in your choice (;

I also invite you to join my incredible Facebook community, ‘The Holistic Branch Cauldron’, open to anyone walking a magickal healing path. There you will have access to other amazing healers, support from beautiful souls and exclusive content from me!

You can also reach me at my facebook page,  instagram, and sign up to my newsletter to receive my once monthly round up of my happenings and booking schedule!  

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find something of use to you here..

much love,

Sami Lou x0 ❤

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“Samantha Mant is a Naturopath & Intuitive Healer, with 17 years experience. She is also a writer, witch, and facilitator the Facebook community, The Holistic Branch Cauldron, open to all who walk a magickal healing path.

Samantha is on a soul-powered mission to help cultivate a world in which every person trusts their intuition to heal themselves, honour their body and support their own healing journey.”

7 thoughts on “About Sami Lou

  1. Look forward to reading more Sami bug xx

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  2. I finally got the chance to read your latest blog. So much great information and so easy to read. I’m learning to value the supplements I take so I’m actually taking them consistently.
    Thank you, Sami Lou!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This makes me so happy, Kittyjane, much love to you! Xx


  3. Thank you Sami Lou for the link to your newsletter. I loved reading it and already I am inspired to make changes! You are amazingly generous to share your wonderful knowledge with all of us. I’m so sorry to hear you have RA. Wishing you all very best x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im so happy to have you here, Jodie! Thank you for your kind words. Im very excited to be creating my little website, and to engage the awesome people it attracts ❤


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