Essential Oil Safety: Holding Dangerous MLM’s Accountable

As a fully trained and qualified Naturopath, I have to speak up when I see valuable healing methods being misused about internet-land.

19850803_10212177749552619_1513803595_oOne such concern I have at the moment is how aromatherapy and essential oils (EO’s) have become a big MLM (Mulit-Level Marketing) money making dealio.
I wont name brands/companies; but when big money comes into play with something- ethics, training and proper knowledge of a product go out of the window.

These past few months I have seen viral posts about how people are giving themselves terrible burns by misusing EO’s.
This is (or isn’t, when you consider why I need to write this post) surprising as any reputable-aromatherapy-study-101 drums into students how they shouldn’t be used undiluted topically, how photosensitising they are; and if they are to be used undiluted, how to do so *safely* ..
without damaging the hell out of your liver and kidneys or burning your skin.

Don’t get me started on the blog posts about adding EO’s to alcoholic drinks, and the marketing hogwash of them being ‘foodgrade’.. just, NO.

It is illegal in most countries to use/prescribe EO’s internally for the treatment of health conditions. For e.g. I would be banned from practice if I did so in Australia (where I live).

It is also completely unnecessary, as the oils are absorbed through the skin and through inhalation into the blood stream. They are also many, many times stronger than any other plant medicine we have available to us (think herbal tinctures etc). This is another reason why it is imperative they be used diluted to a safe strength before they are applied to the skin for healing.

When I use EO’s to flavour cooking such as baking or making chocolate, it is ONE drop to the whole batter; this is plenty for a good saturation and as it is consumed by many people or over a few days, there is no risk of toxicity. It is also for mine and my families own private consumption, where I know their individual health risks and can determine what is or isn’t safe for them.

Another example; I wouldn’t dream of letting a pregnant, lactating or epileptic person consume foods with any trace of EO in them, let alone apply to their skin.

Just the other day on instagram, I came across a post by a mother who had used a ‘relax’ blend of neat EO’s on her infants feet to help it fall asleep.
To put my reaction simply, I nearly lost my mind.. (I *didn’t* comment on her post, in case you wonder if I go nuclear on poor unsuspecting new mums).
I understand this isn’t the fault of the mother; it is the lack of knowledge the company she is a representative of, along with the brainwashing that ‘all is good’, has provided for her.

EO’s should not be used on an infants skin.
This concerned me greatly, as over time, this poor baby may develop issues with their kidney’s and possibly liver.. if they didn’t experience a nasty shock to them straight away.

I feel it is important to speak up about these companies who demean, misinform and generate harm at the expense of powerful, effective, and revered healing practice’s.

It only takes a few slip ups where harm is done to people via this misuse (heaven forbid it be a baby), for these incredible and fantastic healing modalities to be legally banned from anyone’s use altogether.

IMG_3561In the hope that more wisdom is welcomed into our actions, I’m sharing a post that I wrote two years ago on some general precautions with regards to EO’s, which you can read by clicking here.

Please, share this post around.
Please, speak up if you’re a fully qualified health care practitioner.
Please, research beyond what fad marketing is touting.
Please, purchase some of the excellent books I mention in the post.


***The above is text that I shared on my Facebook page a few days ago. We also had a good chat about it in my Facebook group. 
I’ve had such a strong response to it so far; so many readers messaging to tell me of people they know having to spend time in hospital after ingesting EOs.
I’ve had someone tell me they were advised to take up to 6 drops of EO a day for a simple health issue.
In all cases they were told this by someone thought to be an ‘expert’ from one of these companies.

This is mind blowing because it’s so needless.
There have been safety standards followed to the T for the use of EOs for hundreds of years with success. Now all of a sudden these MLM companies come into the mix and we have these issues in greater numbers.

I have had people unfollow and unfriend me since my original post, which I was expecting, but it only follows to prove the ignorance and brainwashing going on.

If you know someone selling these oils, please buy them a really good book on aromatherapy and tell them to read it! (see the image above for a sample of my fave books).

Again, this is important – people and children could become permanently sick or even die .. which will then likely mean these very powerful, beneficial healing remedies will be banned from use altogether.
I feel compelled to speak out about this for so many reason; of course for the safety of people, also to preserve the dignity of this medicine and to protect the livelihoods of qualified practitioners.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my post by liking, commenting and sharing it!
You all are bloody fabulous!

By the power of essential oils,

Sami Lou ❤

My Experience with Yoni Eggs

Almost five years ago I found myself buried deep under an emotional pile of heartbreak, exhaustion, desperation and self pity.
I was going through a difficult relationship breakdown, as well as what I felt was a crumbling of my physical health.
A year previous to this, I had surgery on my right foot to fuse some bones and hopefully make walking less painful and easier. It hadn’t done that, in fact it may have made it more difficult.
I realised I could never go back to my beloved job as a clinical naturopath and that sent me into a terrible mental space.
Having rheumatoid arthritis my whole life, both of my hips replaced as a teen and now more joint degeneration, (and a bit of an emo break down) it was clear I needed put my health first. I needed to strengthen my body again, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.
I went searching for yoni eggs as I knew they would help to stabilise and re-strengthen my hips and core muscles. I also knew that the Taoist and Tantric principals used along with them, help to move trapped emotions, energy and trauma out of the body, facilitating a more positive, healing space.
Within a few months of using an egg my gait improved, the cyst I had developed on my ovary from stress cleared up, I stopped weeping every night; basically I picked myself up from being a mess and packed in the pity party!


@bedky demonstrating the yoni mudra

It obviously didn’t fix my ankle, but my vitality and creativity returned and I was able to see a way forward in my work and life, even if it wasn’t what I had planned out. Actually, what I have going on now is better than I could have imagined..
I can’t attribute all of this to using a yoni egg, but it helped exceptionally! And I would love to share what I have learned over the five years I’ve been using them. If this is something that interests you, see this link for info on a webinar I’m teaching next week, where you’ll get all the goss! I hope to see you there! 💖💖
Pic is an old one of me, I’m still purple haired

Yoni Egg Webinar: Safe & Effective Use

Hey Fam! ♥

This will be my first webinar & I hope you can join me for it!
In the poll I created in my Facebook group last month, a lot of the members showed an interest in this topic, so here it is!
Please bear with me as I figure this all out and try my best with technology (;
If you would like to sign up for this webinar, the cost is $35 AUD which equates to about $26USD and 20UK pounds.

I will be live with this webinar, next Wednesday the 10th of May at 12pm AEST (Brisbane time).
Click this link below for payment to secure your spot and make sure to include your email address or PM it to me. Then I can easily send you confirmation on Monday with a link to the webinar address, as well as a PDF which will include all the webinar notes. Price also includes a replay recording of the webinar, which is great if you can’t make it live!

I will also open up a Q & A session at the end of the webinar.

Wikipedia defines ‘Yoni’ as: “Yoni (IAST: yoni; Sanskrit: “womb”, “uterus”, “vagina”, “vulva”, “abode”, or “source”) is a stylised representation of female genitalia representing the goddess Shakti in Hinduism. Within Shaivism, the sect dedicated to the god Shiva, the yoni symbolises his consort. The male counterpart of the yoni is the lingam.”

Yoni Eggs, also known as Jade Eggs, are stones used inside the vagina to provide muscular resistance, improving strength (think vaginal weightlifting).

Yoni eggs are great for:
*Improving pelvic floor strength
*Post-natal recovery
*Menopause and post menopause
*Regulating hormones
*Having a beneficial effect on painful, irregular & heavy periods
*Fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS
*Increasing blood flow and therefor healing nutrients to the reproductive system
*Vaginal dryness, tightness, painful intercourse, prolapse, fragile vaginal tissue.
*Improving low sex drive, poor vitality/ physical energy
*Helping to release trauma stored in the body
*Grounding and connecting to your intuitive self
*Increasing reproductive and overall holistic health in general!

It is my wish that everyone with a vagina works with yoni eggs! They are just that great 😉

I have been working with yoni eggs for 5 years now and will be sharing my story and experience in this webinar with you.

We will cover what to look for when purchasing a yoni egg, how to care for them and your yoni, how to use them effectively and safely, exercises and breath-work techniques that will maximise your practice.

I can’t wait to chat with you guys about this! Msg me with any questions you may have.
Big love beams,
Sami Lou ♥ ♥


“I met with Samantha for guidance on yoni eggs; I had just purchased one and was unsure on how to use it effectively. I immediately felt her warmth and love. I felt so comfortable talking to her; it felt like talking to a good friend. She gave me tips on how to care for the egg. Ways to cleanse it, connect with it, and use breathing techniques for meditating with it. She also made me feel much more comfortable understanding it and how everyone’s experience is different. She is so knowledgeable on the topic and also supplied me with further resources for my research. I would definitely work with her again.”
~ Katherine H.

Part 3: Moon Phases & the Menstrual Cycle: Waxing Moon & Pre-Ovulation

This content was first posted to my Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron, which is open for anyone to join! There is great discussion over there, so please do drop by ❤
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15936972_10210485353763782_1925619014055959553_o:: MOON & MENSES ::

The Waxing Moon / Pre-Ovulation

The waxing moon is the moon phase that most similarly corresponds to our Pre-Ovulation phase.
Pre-ovulation is charted from day 7 until around day 13-14 depending on when we ovulate, so this will be slightly different according to *your* cycle.
This is the time that is associated with the archetypes of The Maiden/ Virgin & The Lover and the season of Spring ~ resembling the vibrant and emerging energy that unfolds after we have been in the slumber of the dark moon or our menses.

It is in this phase that we feel the sense of a ‘Fresh Start’, we become more enthusiastic about projects, with ideas and inspiration flowing to us and from us.
We find our moods are more balanced and we can speak what we feel much more easily.

The increase of oestrogen in our body also causes testosterone levels to rise and results in more reuptake of serotonin in our brain.
Serotonin is the feel good, make happy, brain hormone, it helps us stay focused and less mood swing-y. Testosterone and oestrogen both increase our physical and mental energy, and make us want to flirt like crazy.
This is because the bodies sex drive knows we will soon be fertile/ovulating and hey-oo, its baby making time.

Of course, there are more ways to take advantage of this energy and drive we are experiencing right now; perpetuating the human race isn’t all that us bleeders do best (please read sarcasm).
This is a more ‘yang’ phase of our cycle, so our energy is more masculine- meaning more open, loud, driven.
This is the time to set romantic dates either single or with a partner (yes, we should romance ourselves!), to arrange a more intense work schedule, to start a new exercise or lifestyle programme, to be thinking along the lines of planting new seeds of what we want to grow in our lives (relationships, health, business, education, creativity etc), and definitely to be letting our hair down for some fun!

You may find in this stage of your cycle things are quite smooth sailing and you’re blitzing through all your goals, but this is a time to be mindful of connecting with our boundaries once again so we don’t burn out later in the month.
If you get to your Pre-menstrual phase and feel like you’re a zapped out husk of rage, tears, and sadness, that is a good sign you’re burning yourself out at this end.

Take stock of your daily tasks, make sure you get enough sleep, don’t skip meals, stay hydrated, remember that you are not a island.
Taking care of the basics means our energy will reserve, allowing us to make the most of this phase and the coming phases.
However, filling up your schedule at this time is more ‘doable’ to pull off and actually enjoy than say at the pre-menstrual or menstrual phase.

As always, follow your own bodies signals and your intuitive knowledge on how you’re doing and what you need. Feeling tired- sleep. Feeling energetic- channel it into something fun and/or nourishing. Get some sex. Try something new. Work on all your projects cos you’re winning at life right now, but also think things through before you say ‘yes’ to everything.

**This is a great time to undertake or learn about Yoni steams and Yoni egg work. You will be more open at this time to new experiences if you’ve not tried these before, and therefore your body will be more receptive also.
Both of these practices help to strengthen and tone the reproductive and hormonal system, but are great at cleansing us energetically too.

Lisa Lister talks about this more in her fabulous book, Code Red

and you can also check our Grace and Layla’s website for great info and safe purchase of Yoni eggs (also called Jade Eggs)

***How does this phase in your cycle feel to you? And what phase are you in right now if the moon is waxing?
If you’re bleeding, how do you think these energies are combining for you?

I tend to be in my pre-ovulation phase at this time, so I’ve synched up my cycle quite well at the moment! I can feel torn between wanting to do lots of work, do heaps of exercise (Im on a body strengthening bender) and hang out with my friends lots as its still summer holiday season here.
I find my self -care practices, taking breaks, booking in for a massage are what slows me down a tad 😉

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions on this in the comments.. and of course I will be around to answer them!

All my love as always,
Sami Lou 

P.S if you’re new here and want to read the other posts on moon & menses, please search on the hashtag moonandmenses below xx

The Power of Perfume & Our Moon Cycle

This content was first posted to my Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron, which is open for anyone to join! There is great discussion over there, so please do drop by ❤
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I’m sure you guys have realised by now that I do love me some yummy smells!
Whether essential oils or perfume or food or people, scent has a powerful effect on our psychological and physiological state.
It is therefore an easy and very pleasant way for us to effect positive influence on our health and moods.

This post isn’t so much about using essential oils, this is a bit of a look at how much FUN it is to honour our menstrual cycle and even the moon cycle, by playing with *perfume scent*  (this is where I geek out with excitement, and you are totally welcome to get on that train with me 😉).

Along with tracking the moon, there are so many ways to honour our cycle in our day to day lives; each phase, not just our bleed. You can have dedicated jewellery, clothes, flowers in the home, specific body oils, bath salts, etc relating to what you feel helps you embody the energy or archetypes of each phase.
This process of dedication or ritual, also helps you to deepen into the connection and rhythm of your body, mind and spirit as you traverse your unique menstrual or moon cycle, becoming forever more aware of all its intricate feedback.

Here are some general scent associations, however, as usual I encourage you guys to find what scents work best for you and what you *feel* most drawn to, at whichever times.
The associations are; moon phase / menstrual phase /archetypes (fem and gen neutral) / scents/ feeling to evoke:

~Waxing Moon~ Pre-ovulation ~ Maiden/Youth ~ All citrus tones, & some lighter note flowers (Jasmine, Lavender, Lily of the Valley)~ Freedom/ Innocence/ Lightness/ New Beginnings ~ 

~Full Moon~ Ovulation ~ Mother/ Lover ~ All flowers, Vanilla, Musk ~ Relaxation in Action/ Openness/ Nurturing/ Seduction~ 

~Waning Moon~ Pre-menses ~ Wild Woman / Hunter ~ Resins (sandalwood, frankincense), deeper note flowers & plants (patchouli, vetiver, ginger, vanilla) Musk ~ Letting Go/ Authenticity /Boldness/ Grounding~ 

~Dark Moon/New Moon~ Menses ~ Crone / Sage ~ Spices, Resins, Deep note flowers ~ Introspection/ Grounding/ Sanctuary/ Release~

As you can see, the scents overlap, they build on each other as do our hormones and each cycle phase.

To help clarify how to use scent in this way, I’ll use my own practice as an example;
Below is a picture of the perfume oils I use in my cycle. I like to use natural perfume oils as they are cruelty and chemical free.
For Strange Women are my current favourite perfume shop, their scents are divine! I’m repeatedly appling them all day.. so addictive! if you guys want to check them out. The perfumes are meant to be unisex and I find them to be very complex and just gorgeous. Before you ask, no, I’m not an affiliate haha.. sadly.


*London Fog is my pre-ovulation phase scent; its bergamot (citrus), tea and vanilla.. Its like bathing in the scent of an Earl Grey tea, which is my fave brew btw 😉 but is very light and fun. (Now discontinued, Sweetgrass is its replacement).
*Decadence & Debauchery and Cocoa & Coffee are what I swap between (depending on my mood) during my Ovulation and Pre-menstrual phase. Both fit into the kind of scent I would associate with those phases: wild, seductive, confident.
Cocoa & Coffee smells like exacltly that, sweet and smoky tiramisu, and its a struggle not to drink the bottle down or kill for chocolate cake once you’ve applied it..
Decadence smells like musk and flowers, it has a bit of a cologne (but warmer) type of smell to it. Its still quite light but more warm to me than London Fog.
*Bollywood is the one I use most at my menses, but I have been drawn to it during pre-menses too. Its spicy and deep, which makes it so grounding, but it has a rose and blood orange shot to it, which keeps it from being too intense. It definitely makes me feel like I’m embodying my inner Crone, but in a earthly, wise mother kind of way, not an old 50’s era grandma scent kind of way… lol.

**So over to you guys!
I would love to know what you think of this, and if you have any rituals in place that honour your cycle in this manner?

What are your favourite scents, perfumes, etc?

P.s, before I got on the Natural Perfume bandwagon, I was (still am really) a Chanel girl.. Coco and Mademioselle were staples in my fridge (yes, Im such a perfume geek, I keep them in the fridge XD).
I also loved Stella Mcartney’s first perfume, I think it was just called ‘Stella’, it was all roses and amber.. yum!

Love and hugs,
Sami Lou  

Part 2: Moon phases & the menstrual cycle: Dark to new moon & Menstruation

If you havn’t yet joined my fantastic Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron , please do! It is open to anyone interested in holistic healing, naturopathy, intuitive living and nature worshiping 😉 It is also full of wise, loving and supportive souls, which is what makes it ‘fantastic’ and my favourite place to hang out!

Recently in the Cauldron, I posted a series on moon phases and how they reflected and synced up with our menstrual cycle. It sparked a great conversation around this topic and I have since decided to keep going with this theme, posting more info, guidance and creative projects that can deepen us into the practice, awareness and therefore healing of not just our menstrual cycle, but our whole life flow.

I am going to be sharing the content I wrote here too, so that you guys don’t miss out and to hopefully keep the exciting conversation going!
If you want to read more in the group as far as peoples comments go, please join and search the hashtag #moonandmenses in the ‘group search’.

In this post, I have included the info for the dark/new moon, the next post will be for the waxing moon. There is so much more I could write as I have been practicing this since I was 14, but I’ve tried to make it succinct for now 😉 If you wish to learn more about moon mapping to our cycle, I highly recommend checking out Lisa Lister’s books.

Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter list so that you can be the first to know when I open one on one naturopathic consultations again, I’m seriously excited to be offering that again soon!

For now, read on, enjoy, and I hope to see you in the Cauldron Facebook group!

Sami Lou ❤



The Dark Moon / Menstruation

(At the time of posting this in the group) The moon is now dark, meaning it is completely void of reflective light from the sun. Tomorrow, it will be a New Moon, as a new silvery sliver can be seen again in the sky and it will wax to full.

The moon is considered ‘dark’ for about 5-6 days in the lead up to (and for some people even over) the new moon. It is associated with the menses or period part of our cycle, The Crone and The Sage archetypes, and winter.
During a dark moon, you may tend to feel more introverted, deeply introspective, emotional, sensitive, reactive, and harbour a great need to build a pillow fort. You may also find that from your mind and mouth flow the most useful, insightful nuggets of wisdom that can border on prophetic. You dreams may become more vivid and feel much more ‘real’.
The dark moon allows us to ebb inwards, revealing our subconcious selves, inner wisdom and things that need to heal.

You may already be begining to understand why it is associated with our bleeding time.
Day 1 of our cycle, when we begin to bleed, we have virtually no oestrogen, progesterone or testosterone levels. This is why we feel so shit, for lack of a better word. Different issues occur when we *don’t* get a drop in these hormones, so to feel low in energy, physically and emotionally more sensitive, and depressed at our bleed and before they start to build up again is completely normal.
As oestrogen rises, some is converted into testosterone, so by the time our period ends (days 4-8 depending on your own cycle) and these hormones have risen, we start to feel more ourselves again.

During your bleed you basically have a trove of symptoms to determine how well you are looking after yourself. They can inform what may be out of balance in your lifestyle and body, what hormones need to rebalance, how your stress levels are, if you’re having trouble with blood sugar levels; basically it will call you out on if you have or havn’t been honouring your self-care, and you will definitely feel if there has been too much pressure placed upon you.

For example, if you don’t have an adequate sudden drop in progesterone before your period, you will experience more cramps, blood clots and possibly brown blood at the begining of your next bleed.
If your blood sugars are off, you might find your blood is a very bright red, almost pink.
Migraines or severe headaches before your period also indicate blood sugar issues, but may also suggest that you don’t have enough oestrogen build up throughout the rest of the month, leaving you with too little too soon before your menses.

The biggest thing to stuff up our hormones is stress. This disrupts all the precursor steroids and cholesterols to hormone production.
Managing our stress levels throughout our entire cycle is soooooo important.

*Regardless of how difficult you find your period to get through, it is a time where we should be taking as much of a break as possible. REST. Build that pillow fort. Sip tea. Drink or eat raw organic cacao. Make long infusions of nettle & red raspberry. Make strong herbal teas of rose, mugwort, passionflower and chamomile to soothe cramps, aches, pains, anxiety and to help you sleep.
Eat lots of cooked veggies and whole grains. Lots of plant based fats. The nervous system is soothed an nourished by these foods. Green and orange veg for blood building.
Cooked and raw fruit to increase your Yin energy and allow you to ‘let go’ of emotions and your bleed.
Cry. Journal. Scream. Do sound meditation, Energy healing.. releasing emotions is so needed at this time.

**The wisdom of our body giving us diagnostic symptoms, is reflected in the wisdom that comes through in our emotions, thoughts and intuition too. The more you listen to your thoughts in objective, non-judgmental stillness, via journaling, meditation or just by daydreaming and letting your mind wander, the more insight into your own psyche you will have.
We are letting go of an old cycle, to make way for a new one, physically, emotionally and mentally. Allowing it all to vent out will clear the space for greater creativity, energy, motivation etc in the coming weeks.
Honesty with ourselves is our greatest healing tool right now, and it is directly linked to our super heightened intuition.

***Who here bleeds on the dark moon? What issues do you find most difficult with your period?

I’m Pre-Menstrual right now, so Im well into hiding from the world, eating chocolate and watching Harry Potter/ Disney/ Jane Austen movies.. I make no apoligies for my obsession with Mr Darcy.
The other cool thing I have noticed about this time for me, is that my personal boundaries become absolutely non-negotiable. If I’m not feeling the vibe of something, I dont do it. Nothing gets between me and my Disney down time!

p.s I realise some of us here have very busy lives and children etc. Even if you dont get to build a fort, (although maybe you can ask your kids to do it for you haha) do try to increase self care wherever possible. Let your family know what support you need. Some of us tend to be terribly inadequate at speaking up, and extremely wonderful at putting others needs before our own. If this is you, I’m sending you extra love and reminding you that YOU ARE WORTHY. 

Part 1: Moon phases & the menstrual cycle; waning moon & pre-menstruation

My poor blog has been quite neglected of late. This is because I have been focusing a lot of my content creation into my fantastic Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron. If you haven’t joined yet, please do! It is open to anyone interested in holistic healing, naturopathy, intuitive living and nature worshiping 😉 It is also full of wise, loving and supportive souls, which makes it my favourite place to hang out!

Recently in the Cauldron, I posted a series on moon phases and how they reflected and synced up with our menstrual cycle. It sparked a great conversation around this topic and I have since decided to keep going with this theme, posting more info, guidance and creative projects that can deepen us into the practice, awareness and therefore healing of not just our menstrual cycle, but our whole life flow.

I am going to be sharing the content I wrote here too, so that you guys don’t miss out and to hopefully keep the exciting conversation going!
If you want to read more in the group as far as peoples comments go, please join and search the hashtag #moonandmenses in the ‘group search’.

In this post, I have included the info for the waning moon, the next post will be for the dark moon. There is so much more I could write, but this is a good starting point. If you wish to learn more, I highly recommend checking out Lisa Lister’s books.

Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter list so that you can be the first to know when I open one on one consultations again, I’m seriously excited to be offering that again soon!

For now, read on, enjoy, and I hope to see you in the Cauldron Facebook group!

Sami Lou ❤



The Waning Moon/ Pre-Menstruation

(At the time of posting this in the group) The moon is now waning, growing smaller before it becomes completley dark. This phase of the moon is associated with the Pre-Menstrual or ‘third phase’ of the mestrual cycle.
This can be tracked at around day 23 until the day you bleed, then you start the cycle again and are back to day 1.

To explain why this moon phase is associated with this menstrual phase, we look to its affect on our psyche. The waning moon guides us to start looking inward at our own mental and emotional landscape. If we have had a stressful month/cycle, things come to the surface to be purged~ the waning moon makes us feel more introspective, thoughtful, emotional.

Looking at the physical aspects of the Pre-Menstrual phase~ your oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels begin to drop. When oestrogen drops, (causing that highly strung, anxious feeling) it causes serotonin to also drop, which is the mood stabilising hormone.
If this doesn’t have you feeling weepy enough, the drop in progesterone will for sure! Coupled with the drop of testosterone (the confidence hormone) you may question yourself, feeling self doubt about your actions, your choices and possibly even you feel a bit paranoid.

You become more sensitive to physical pain during this time, as well as other peoples comments and opionions. Obviously, its a really fun time!

The archetype we embody at this time is the Wise/Wild Woman or The Enchantress. Due to the fact our senses are hightened and we are so introspective, we become much more intouch with our innate wisdom. We can perceive clearly what we need to eliminate from our lives, whats working, what isn’t, what is important,~ what our *needs* are.

We are working with a much more ‘feminine’ energy, as opossed to the higher driven, more ‘masculine’ energy we experience the two-ish weeks after our period.
This feminine energy is a chance for us to slow down, get connected with ourselves and take stock of whats going on within and without.
If you’re feeling this is diffcult to do, if your emotions and mood swings are off the chart, if your emotional eating kicks in, this is your body inviting you to slow down *more*.
It may also be telling you that you have pushed yourself too hard earlier during your cycle, or that there is an emotional issues you’re repressing, or pointing you toward something that is out of balance in your life.
Listening to your inner wisdom/intuition and honouring it, is your gift, your super power right now, for physical & emotional healing and to help you ease into your period flow.

*To capitalise on this, take time alone each day, as much as you can.* Spend time doing shizz you love, reading or pondering in the bath, wandering (& wondering) around in nature, journaling your heart out, being present in creative projects, meditation, yoga.. in fact body movement is incredibly beneficial for releasing tension and that ‘stuck’ feeling we are prone to at this time. Let your body and intuition guide you towards what you need.

*Increase in your diet: plant based fats (almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, hempseed oil, coconut oil, sesame & flax seeds, good olive oil, avocado, tempeh etc), green veggies, cooked & raw fruit, and eat a little bit of protein with every meal.

**So guys, what do you think? Can you relate to this description of your pre-menses phase? Do you feel more introspective as the moon wanes?
What phase in your menstrual cycle are you at when the moon wanes?

Personally, I’m just finishing ovulation, so that is the ‘mother/creator’ phase. I feel my cycle being at this time makes me more mindful (introspective and consciously creative~ ‘is this worthwhile?’ ‘does what Im saying have purpose?’ etc) of what I create and send out into the world, rather than the random rambling I can tend to do during the full moon!

Please comment below with any thoughts or insights you wish to share ❤