Musings on how Entrepreneurship is a Healing Venture

25353997_1172821636183910_7073463078466305369_nDuring my chat with Andrea Klunder, on her podcast The Creative Imposter, we briefly touched on the idea that building a business is a venture in healing. 🌊
The more I reflect on this, the more utterly true I see it has been for me.
I have worked in a few different roles in my lifetime. Besides studying and working in a naturopathic clinic for 11+ years, I have helped my mum manage a beauty salon and even had a brief stint as a tea & tidy help in a hairdressing salon. I’ve seen clients from home as an intuitive / psychic guide, I’ve been somewhat of a freelance makeup artist.. if I love something, I run with it! πŸ’–

However, nothing has challenged me to open up to such new depths of strength & self motivation as has creating on an online platform.
It has brought into the light, and still continues to, all the parts of my inner self that needed my extra attention, love & healing.

Not just the impostor syndrome we spoke about in the interview, but also other manifestations of self sabotage and fears of not being β€˜enough’. 🌸
The push to step up to this platform, to enrich my life by serving with the work I do in a more fulfilling way, to reach a wider audience interested in what I have to share, to be self assured enough to know those people are out there.. all of this has catalysed a transformation.

A claiming of my own sovereignty & Queendom, as the wonderful Ebonie Allard would say!
There are so many opportunities for healing in life, sometimes this occurs in the not so obvious ways.
I invite you to asses in which ways you have healed your own being this year, in a way that has nothing to do with green smoothies or gym runs.
What have you mentally & emotionally stepped up to? What has made your soul stretch its wings into a fuller sense of yourself?
Send me an email at or comment here, I would love to know!

Much love,

Sami Lou Β πŸ’–πŸ’–


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