Link Love!

So, Linktree is a thing, but I preferred the easier idea of linking people back to a blog post! Here is a link-collective for all of your ‘The Holistic Branch’ needs.. Click on the red highlighted titles to be taken where you want to go ❤


Sign up to my newsletter & receive my Yoni Egg Guidebook: For Safe & Effective Use, for free! Also keep up to date with my happenings, musings & offers via once monthly emails.

Tea by the Cauldron

Thinking of working with me? Book a free 30min chat & lets find out how well we ‘mesh’! Ask me questions, vibe with your intuition & we can talk about a game plan.

Holistic Healing Consultations

Book a one-on-one consult with me, for all of your Naturopath-Witch advice needs!


Here you can find links to any digital products I create. Currently, two eBooks are available: a Nature Cure guide, & a beginners guide for the safe & effective use of yoni eggs.

Creative Imposter podcast interview!

Listen to my interview with Andrea Klunder, podcast & yogi extraordinaire. Topics include emotional wellbeing, facing fears & blocks, expanding into creative potential & a lot about myself!

Adulting With Ebonie; Podcast interview

Ebonie Allard & I chat about intuition, what it means to use, how we notice it showing up in our lives & now we apply it.. with a few giggles to boot! ❤

Facebook Group

Anyone can join my Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron. You might just meet your kindred spirits there!

Read the latest on the BLOG!


With love,

Sami Lou ❤


Photo by: Mark Ivory.. (look at the fluffy pants on lil Bee-friend! Too cute!)

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