Gather by the Cauldron with me, every new moon..

.. Surrender. Compassion. Community..

These have been the words cycling through my mind since early March 2020, as we moved into these Interestings Times.

Whilst revising where I needed to apply this guidance in my life, personally & professionally, I clearly saw that here was a greater picture; these were values we are ALL being asked to incorporate into our lives.

I greatly desired to create a space for community to gather, one where I could facilitate with compassion, allowing for us to surrender to whatever medicine we all needed in that container, month by month.

Click here to read on and sign up..

This container will be moulded & amplified by each who participate, the unique medicine you all bring, questions asked & by the current resonance of the energetic / emotional / physical landscape.

The New Moon seemed like a perfect time to set this, the energy allows for deep introspection & the creation of fresh intention cycles for the month ahead.

I will hold space for the first half of the call..

I’ll bring my nauturopath, witch, moon priestess wisdom, & decades of experience.. to facilitate guidance, meditations, ritual work, channeling & whatever else I feel intuitively led to talk about on that particular day..

Then, we can open the space up to each other, sharing what our current experience is, ask for guidance or witnessing if need be, bring questions, charge intentions.. whatever your hearts feel called to share or ask for.

The time frame of the call will depend on how many people show up live & how much we all talk (haha), between 60-90mins.

We shall record on Zoom, replays will be made availbe to you on you Gumroad subscription as soon as I have them ready!

If you wish to remain anonymous when participating, you may. Zoom has a gallery option, but you may keep your camera switched to ‘off’ 7 your voice muted. You can still ask my questions to just me, via the private setting in the chat-box.

If you can’t make the meeting live, you may send along questions to me ahead of time, & I’ll address them in the call for you πŸ˜‰

These live call gatherings are maleable, they will look different each time, they will no doubt metamorphose as we learn more about each other & what works best.

I may add new offerings to our community. It’s all to be a fun, unfolding project of love between us all!

The price is $11AUD, enough to let there be an energy exchange to the circle & my resources.

Once you’ve joined, please make sure you include your email address, this is how we will communicate. I shall be sending you meeting times & links to the calls & replays, so please include your most checked email address so you don’t miss anything!
Click the link below to subscribe, & feel free to hit me up with any questions πŸ™‚

I’m so looking forward to sharing these new moon circles with you all, to witness the magick & healing we shall undertake!

Sending out much love,

Sami Lou ❀ ❀

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