An invitation to pause <3

Hello my loves,

Can I make a suggestion? It may be a little offbeat with the rest of social media right now.. even contradictory to be posting it here..
But please, hear me out..

Let’s take a pause, a breath.. let’s just stop for a moment.

There are so many generous hearted people seeking to be of service on social media right now..
Open community gatherings, mediations, yoga classes, workouts.. creations of love.. free courses..

So many friends & family sharing opinions & news articles & emotions ..

But before we flit from one thing to another, & try to juggle the endless media, opinion, offerings etc online, with our own personal crisis at this time..
Let’s take pause.

The Holistic Branch messaging has always been about finding our own inner guidance to what we need, to connect to our own medicine.. to intuit what would be most useful to us to source next on our healing path..
Empowered self-healing, (which includes finding the right mentors, modalities, coaches etc, as well as self education) all the way!

In order to do that, to hear our inner intuitive voice, we need to be still for a while.
We need to feel what we are FEELING.

Right now there is so much collective and personal grief & fear..
if you feel overwhelmed by this, please take pause.
Maybe brew a cup of something soothing, sit in your backyard, connect with your heart and ask ‘what next, what do I desire’?

My guess is probably a nap!
Ok.. maybe a big cry first.. maybe to scream.. sob.. let go.. feel into the darkest, grieving place within you right now and let it be expressed. Create a clear channel to hear yourself past the overwhelm..
Then nap.
Then again, ask ‘what next? What does my body/mind/heart/ family need right now’?

Then once again, do that..
then another heart check in..
Make space for what is calling within you..
One moment to moment, feeling to feeling, intuitively led..

And if you have children, encourage them to check in with themselves and express what they may be feeling too..
A non-judgemental, free-form, safe space to voice is what all of us need right now.
Not necessarily to always be answered .. but always heard.

There is not much more that we can do but surrender.
Surrender is the feminine / yin energy flow that will help balance all the upturned yang energy right now.

Drop any expectations .. hold yourself and your beloved ones in compassion.

Once we feel balanced again, then we can make more assured productive steps.
Take plenty of rest time in between these productive steps.

The whole world has changed for so many people, this means we have changed too.
There is always grief at these times.
It’s ok we feel heavy hearted.
It’s ok to step away from excessive overwhelm and focus just on you & your own right now.

Tend to yourself, your family, your home, your backyard, flower pots, cooking in the kitchen, your bath tub, your altar space, your bed, your couch, your unread books, your Netflix.. (insert other soothing soul food of choice).

Please let me know how you’re going,
if you wish to share..
I’m sending everyone so much love,

Sami Lou ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌏

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