A Holistic View on Medicine

Heya Fam, time for a reintroduction.. bear with me on this one, I have a greater point! 
I am a Naturopath, I have an advanced diploma in naturopathy, a dip. in herbalism, a dip. in homeopathy, & in natural therapies. I’m a qualified shiatsu & lymphatic drainage massage therapist.
I’m trauma informed & have much experience in grief counselling. 

I started my study & training at a college conjunct clinic, in 1998. ☀️
I’ve had tutors, mentors & colleagues who are doctors, nurses, psych nurses, midwives, biochemists, TCM therapists, psychologists, immunologists, pharmacists.. as well as naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, aromatherapists etc .. who wore many hats each, from that list, & more. 
Most, if not all, of these wonderful professionals also walked some spiritual path, or meditated, practised energy healing, martial arts, or something which helped them ground, & manage their careers. Again, some mixed several practices.🌸

I myself am a Witch, I can’t tell you how many other healthcare professionals are self-claimed witches!
I know badarse nurses that will set your bones, stitch you up, & recommend a corresponding crystal for your soul & body’s healing. 🔮
Two days ago I had a conversation with my GP about being empaths. 

Mainstream medicine & alternative / complementary medicine do not exist seperate from each other.. we study medical science, our modalities & philosophy ( for the most part) of healing are different. That’s it. 
We complement, we synergise, we work together for the health of our community. 🦋

The division I see lately; a large part of the spiritual community rejecting medicine & science.. does not reflect my experience these past 22 years. 
Similarly, division Im seeing in conversations about mainstream medicine vs alternative medicine (not from qualified practitioners btw, usually just the enthusiasts of) are also disappointing. 
To be fully onboard with dedication to community healthcare & self healing , we need to recognise both disciplines of medicine have their place. There is beauty & necessity to be found in exactly what makes them different. 🌈

IMO, it is not ‘spiritual’, or ‘woke’ to reject science & medicine. For spirituality & ‘wokeness’ (enlightenment) are also found within them. 
How does this resonate with you, loves? 💖💖

In love & care, Sami Lou x0x0x ❤

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