Essential Oil Safety: Holding Dangerous MLM’s Accountable

As a fully trained and qualified Naturopath, I have to speak up when I see valuable healing methods being misused about internet-land.

19850803_10212177749552619_1513803595_oOne such concern I have at the moment is how aromatherapy and essential oils (EO’s) have become a big MLM (Mulit-Level Marketing) money making dealio.
I wont name brands/companies; but when big money comes into play with something- ethics, training and proper knowledge of a product go out of the window.

These past few months I have seen viral posts about how people are giving themselves terrible burns by misusing EO’s.
This is (or isn’t, when you consider why I need to write this post) surprising as any reputable-aromatherapy-study-101 drums into students how they shouldn’t be used undiluted topically, how photosensitising they are; and if they are to be used undiluted, how to do so *safely* ..
without damaging the hell out of your liver and kidneys or burning your skin.

Don’t get me started on the blog posts about adding EO’s to alcoholic drinks, and the marketing hogwash of them being ‘foodgrade’.. just, NO.

It is illegal in most countries to use/prescribe EO’s internally for the treatment of health conditions. For e.g. I would be banned from practice if I did so in Australia (where I live).

It is also completely unnecessary, as the oils are absorbed through the skin and through inhalation into the blood stream. They are also many, many times stronger than any other plant medicine we have available to us (think herbal tinctures etc). This is another reason why it is imperative they be used diluted to a safe strength before they are applied to the skin for healing.

When I use EO’s to flavour cooking such as baking or making chocolate, it is ONE drop to the whole batter; this is plenty for a good saturation and as it is consumed by many people or over a few days, there is no risk of toxicity. It is also for mine and my families own private consumption, where I know their individual health risks and can determine what is or isn’t safe for them.

Another example; I wouldn’t dream of letting a pregnant, lactating or epileptic person consume foods with any trace of EO in them, let alone apply to their skin.

Just the other day on instagram, I came across a post by a mother who had used a ‘relax’ blend of neat EO’s on her infants feet to help it fall asleep.
To put my reaction simply, I nearly lost my mind.. (I *didn’t* comment on her post, in case you wonder if I go nuclear on poor unsuspecting new mums).
I understand this isn’t the fault of the mother; it is the lack of knowledge the company she is a representative of, along with the brainwashing that ‘all is good’, has provided for her.

EO’s should not be used on an infants skin.
This concerned me greatly, as over time, this poor baby may develop issues with their kidney’s and possibly liver.. if they didn’t experience a nasty shock to them straight away.

I feel it is important to speak up about these companies who demean, misinform and generate harm at the expense of powerful, effective, and revered healing practice’s.

It only takes a few slip ups where harm is done to people via this misuse (heaven forbid it be a baby), for these incredible and fantastic healing modalities to be legally banned from anyone’s use altogether.

IMG_3561In the hope that more wisdom is welcomed into our actions, I’m sharing a post that I wrote two years ago on some general precautions with regards to EO’s, which you can read by clicking here.

Please, share this post around.
Please, speak up if you’re a fully qualified health care practitioner.
Please, research beyond what fad marketing is touting.
Please, purchase some of the excellent books I mention in the post.


***The above is text that I shared on my Facebook page a few days ago. We also had a good chat about it in my Facebook group. 
I’ve had such a strong response to it so far; so many readers messaging to tell me of people they know having to spend time in hospital after ingesting EOs.
I’ve had someone tell me they were advised to take up to 6 drops of EO a day for a simple health issue.
In all cases they were told this by someone thought to be an ‘expert’ from one of these companies.

This is mind blowing because it’s so needless.
There have been safety standards followed to the T for the use of EOs for hundreds of years with success. Now all of a sudden these MLM companies come into the mix and we have these issues in greater numbers.

I have had people unfollow and unfriend me since my original post, which I was expecting, but it only follows to prove the ignorance and brainwashing going on.

If you know someone selling these oils, please buy them a really good book on aromatherapy and tell them to read it! (see the image above for a sample of my fave books).

Again, this is important – people and children could become permanently sick or even die .. which will then likely mean these very powerful, beneficial healing remedies will be banned from use altogether.
I feel compelled to speak out about this for so many reason; of course for the safety of people, also to preserve the dignity of this medicine and to protect the livelihoods of qualified practitioners.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my post by liking, commenting and sharing it!
You all are bloody fabulous!

By the power of essential oils,

Sami Lou ❤

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