Here you will find an up to date list of all my eBooks & other digital products as they become available.

Click on the highlighted titles to be taken to Gumroad for purchase! ❤



Sami Lou’s Nature Cure Guide; Glowing Skin & Sparkling Energy. 

Would you really love to give your self-care an overhaul, learn some more tips & life hacks to expand your earthly-plane experience, & optimise the shizz out of the healthy input you give your body, mind & soul?

Then this little guide might just be for you!… 

The content of this book is based on the principles of Nature Cure, one of the foundational pillars of Naturopathic medicine. This read would be a handy place to start when considering working with a naturopath, or wanting to improve your own holistic health. CLICK HERE for more info.
I give this book out as a gift to all my clients!




Yoni Egg Guidebook; Safe & Effective Use.

Are you seeking a deeper sense of connection to your body & its rhythms, to your intuition, creativity & sexuality? Awaken the residing pools of healing energy & wisdom within you, by starting a yoni egg practice!…

Learn how to do so in this 14 page eBook, in which I also talk about my own healing experience with yoni eggs (more of which you can read about by clicking here) & why I think everyone with a yoni should own an egg!

Outline includes; what to look for when purchasing an egg, how to care for one, how to use them safely- including the benefits of regular use & answers to some frequently asked questions. CLICK HERE for more info.

You receive this book free, as my gift to you when you sign up to my newsletter!

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