Empower Your Adrenals: A Solstice Gift

I can hardly believe the solstice is upon us already, but my word, am I ready to welcome a fresh phase & a new year!?
This year has been one of deep fortification; we have all refelcted on what it means for us to feel nourished & supported.
I think above all, we have realised a new level to our own resilience. Maybe we are still trying to build back up from & even make sense of a year that has truly honed this within us..

A few months ago, I was invited by my friend Rachel of ‘Aeolian Heart Astrology’, to write an article on adrenal gland care & restoration, for the Mars retrograde period. This was to be part of a package offering Rachel created for her Patreon community.
I of course said “yes”, I never miss an opportunity to collaborate with Aeolian Heart!

I slapped together an article very happily, as it was a wonderful distraction from the deep grief I was going through at the time.. I ended up being quite proud of what I created in the end! I think the end product was helped by the fact I was truly living the methods of self-care & adrenal support I was writing about!

The nourishment, support & even restoration of our adrenals is imperitive through times of stress.. They are the backbone to our hormonal balance, as well as playing a part in our immune systems optimal function.

With this in mind, I have added some more content to the eBook & decided to share the article up as a gift-offering via my newsletter subscription!
I’m so sure we could all do with a little adrenal-TLC right now, & indeed, at any time in todays hyperactive world.
In the eBook you will find suggestions on nutrition, supplements, essential oils, herbalism & lifestyle practices for nourishing adrenal health. As always, my content is created in mind to empower us with information, so we can take actionable steps with ease, that conveniently pack a mighty punch!

“The importance of our adrenal health, in relation to all other glands, is imperative to the balance of our bodies wellbeing.
Our adrenals are activated by any stressor to the body & mind. They trigger our survival reactions, our ‘flight or fight’ sympathetic nervous system response, heighten our focus, & regulate our ability to rest, to switch ‘off’ & to play, all hand-in-hand with our circadian rhythm.

I will touch briefly, but with actionable steps to take, on how to support the adrenals throughout our day-to-day lives, as well as ways in which you can restore fatigued or exhausted adrenals. As I’m sure I need not mention, present day life is not sympathetic to the tireless efforts of our poor adrenals, that consistently allow us to step up to the grind each day.”

Empower Your Adrenals; by Sami Lou

If this interests you, please sign up to my newsletter subscription!
If you are already subscribed, please check your inbox & spam folders, as I have already sent you all a copy 😉
I send newsletters very rarely, infact hardly at all this year!.. but I am planning on keeping more frequently in contact this way, as I wish to change how I connect with community via social media channels.
If not only for the fact we can bypass the annoying algorithms with a newsletter straight to your inbox!

I hope this finds you all well, that you have beautiful & enriching plans for the solstice, & I hope ‘Empower Your Adrenals‘ is a useful resource for anyone that reads it..

All my love,
Sami Lou ❤ ❤

ETA: I’ve recently created a Patreon account! If you feel called, please join me & the community there at this link 🥰

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