Vitamin D; supplementing with the ‘sunshine vitamin’

I’m going to try to get through writing a post about vitamin D without making a d*@k joke, which will of course, be really hard (heh).

The recommended daily supplement dose for vitamin D, is 40-60 IUs per kilo of body weight.

As the supplement tablets usually come in 1000iu doses, you may round up if you’re someone that doesn’t get much sunlight, & down if you frequently take sun, live closer to the equator, etc.

Please keep in mind that sunscreen, sunglasses & clothing will reduce the amount of vitamin D you’re creating from the sun.

Our skins exposure to the sun is of course our most prevalent source of vitamin D, but we also find it in oily fish, organic eggs, algae, seaweeds & in sun exposed mushrooms!

Laying mushrooms upside down on a tray, making sure the underside brown gills are exposed, causes them to develop very bioavailable vitamin D. Brilliant for people who don’t respond well to manufactured supplements.

The longer you leave them in the sun, the higher the vitamin levels become!

Supplementation whether manufactured, organic or both, is of great benefit to cardiovascular health, immune support, for treating gut health issues, to maintain & elevate bone density via its role in calcium absorption, & for nervous system / mental health support.

This is just a brief info burst I wanted to hit you with, but please look into more information on the extensive actions & roles this vitamin takes on.

So many people the world over are either acutely deficient or low, in blood serum levels.

Supplementing can be incredibly beneficial for the elevation of many symptoms, sometimes on its own, but of course also as part of an inclusive treatment plan.

Joint pain, insomnia, depression (especially seasonally induced), bloating, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, skin issues.. the list goes on..

If you have found via blood testing that you have a vitamin D deficiency, or if you are experiencing a seasonally induced depression (common in winter), then you may like to try the method below.

It floods the body with enough of the vitamin to kickstart a prolific, efficient & effective absorption to reduce symptoms ASAP.

Over 15 days;

Take 5000 ius for five days

Take 10’000 ius for five days

Take 15’000 ius for five days

Reduce the dose back to 5’000 ius & stick to that dose for a few weeks.

(You may wish to take more based on your body weight as described at the top of this post. so, if you’re more than 85kgs, take according to your body weight. But if you’re less than 85kgs, take the 5000 ius maintenance dose for 1-2 months).

You may also wish to check your blood levels of vit.D with your health care provider again at the end of the 3 month dose cycle.

Please stay skin-smart in regards to the sun! Use natural zinc based, & other non-toxic sunscreens, if you are in prolonged sun exposure.

This Australian company, Nourished Life, has a great selection 😉

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or share experiences in regards to things mentioned in the post 🌞

Much love

Sami Lou 💖🌸🌈

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