I was on ‘Curious Conversations’ podcast

Paisley Heart invited me to be on his podcast, Curious Conversations, joined by two friends of mine, Pia & Julia, to talk on the intersection of disability & spirituality.

As you can imagine this is a conversation very close to my heart, having journeyed with rheumatoid arthritis my whole life.

You can listen to an excerpt in this video:

Go straight to the whole podcast here: all podcast links ..https://linktr.ee/curiousconversations

YouTube video: watch here https://youtu.be/6AA2gS8FCxE

The conversation is one I’m very proud to have been a part of, even though I was quite anxious from the sheer raw vulnerability the subject matter holds for me. 🔥

We traversed community and individual shadow & oppression around disability, what it means to be a healer, how to navigate relating with integrity, our individual experiences on our healing paths, and so much more!

I hope this conversation inspires people to carve out their own autonomous space in their life path, no matter what you may be navigating; in all your perfect / imperfect glory, as humans who are Never Not Unbroken ❤️

I touched on the multifaceted subject of devalued people, historically & today…

The Church Incorporated, (not meaning individual Christian people as such, but the ‘system’) had a rhetoric that devalues the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC, the physically &/or mentally disabled & chronically ill, women, children, animals, nature etc: anyone that didn’t embody the image of its god. These folk were, at best, perceived for use/exploitation, according to the churches word, hence, ‘devalued’.

This was enforced by fear, leading to public hysteria & the application of religious doctrine that could result in death. For eg, holy oil, prayer & exorcism were the only acceptable forms of life saving medicine, ensuring ones soul was intact. Forcing citizens to trust in ‘gods will’ to either heal the person or have them return to his kingdom.

Of course, the local healers, wise folk, midwives, herbalists, witches etc were burned or hanged if they were to practice their science & be discovered.. lest people were to have their soul corrupted by ‘poisoning their god-given body’.. as the clergy prophesied.

Consequently, many people were left to unnecessarily die, or to suffer more greatly, as the best medicine of the time was shrouded in secrecy, on pain of death for most, & reserved as acceptable for the rich, for royalty & even the clergy.

This hierarchy of effective medicine only for the upper classes, reduced the number of devalued people ‘of burden’ from the community. More able-bodied workers = more profit for church & crown.

Over history, we can see this narrative wax & wane, becoming more or less acceptable depending on time period, country, ruler.. taking different shapes, different faces, relative to what could still work with an ever enlightening public.

We can also see these oppressive, inhumane tactics used today, upholding the now oligarchical-capitalism spawned thousands of years ago. A strong vein of eugenicist thinking & medical fascism survives.

This is a part of our collective & individual ‘shadow’ to heal.

If we truly are to change this system, we need to unpack & understand it’s origins.

It takes courage to stand for community over the individual, it takes nuance to see where the intersection between the two lies. We are all interconnected as an interdependent species, & also as a part of biodiversity.

Community care is increasingly more important to heal these wounds that still create harm & division. After-all, historically, advancements in egalitarianism ARE made in times of global crisis.

Community care looks like anti-racism work, safe-spaces, trauma informed healthcare, universal healthcare, free PPE & vaccines, disability access, access to alternative & complimentary medicine, access to non-contaminated food & water, the eradication of medical fascism in low/middle income countries.. & so much more..

I’d love to know if you’ve listened to the interview & what came up for you?

Sami Lou ❤️🔥❤️

ETA: I’ve recently created a Patreon account! If you feel called, please join me & the community there at this link 🥰

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