Week Long Valentine Love & a Free Gift!

Hello, beautiful blog readers ❤

If you’ve been following me on social media at all lately, you would have seen that I’m giving away my eBook on the effective & safe use of yoni eggs, to those who sign up to my newsletter!
You can sign up & get your copy directly, if you haven’t yet, by CLICKING HERE

I’m extremely passionate about helping to bring the use of yoni eggs as a healing modality into more people’s awareness. I share much of the information & experience I have accumulated over my own practice for 5 years now, & how this has benefited me in so many ways!

I have had some wonderful feedback about the book, including this lovely review from a client I met with last year to discuss her own new practice:

“I met with Samantha for guidance on yoni eggs; I had just purchased one and was unsure on how to use it effectively. I immediately felt her warmth and love. I felt so comfortable talking to her; it felt like talking to a good friend. She gave me tips on how to care for the egg. Ways to cleanse it, connect with it, and use breathing techniques for meditating with it. She also made me feel much more comfortable understanding it and how everyone’s experience is different. She is so knowledgeable on the topic and also supplied me with further resources for my research. I would definitely work with her again.”
~ Katherine H

A big thank you to everyone who has already joined my newsletter for their copy!
I’m so grateful to be able to share this with you & I hope my book inspires you to start, or assists with your already existing, yoni / jade egg practice (:

img_1409I also want to share that in my Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron,  I will be hosting a week-long self-love/worth fest in honour of Valentines day! 
This will start on Monday the 12th of February, & I very much hope you can join us there to play along.
I will be sharing my favourite healing & embodiment tools each day, such as; meditation, EFT, aromatherapy, heart opening practices (including raw chocolate;) ) & of course it wouldn’t be The Cauldron without some Witching magick!

On the last day, I shall do a live Q & A in the group (which is a closed group, so no one can see our convos), & we can talk about anything that has come up for us over the week & share what we have learned / experienced.. yay!

I’m so looking forward to it!
Much love & have a beautiful weekend,

Sami Lou ❤

Art by: Becky

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