Podcast Interview on the Creative Imposter, with Andrea Klunder

CI Podcast Squares (13)A few moths ago, I was honoured to be interviewed by the amazing podcast host extraordinaire Andrea Klunder for her show, The Creative Imposter..

Today the interview is officially ‘live’ and I’m soooo nervous/ excited to share it with you all .. probably as much as I was when I sat down to record this!
Andrea did a wonderful job at making me sound relatively wise and articulate, asking me some brilliant questions and keeping me calm (this was my first podcast interview!).

We spoke about how we can use our emotions to produce creative momentum, how fear leads us to our desires, and a lot about my own healing journey. I also rattled off some flower essences and essential oils that assist in opening creative potential.

On listening to this interview, I picked up on a concept that really interested me.. we touched on how creating our own business can in itself be a process of healing.

This is something I really want to expand on and talk more about.. so keep an eye on my social media!

You can listen to the whole thing at this link below. Please feel free to share it around and let me know what you think 💖


“When it does feel vulnerable, that’s an indicator that it’s something that you really desire.” ~Samantha Mant on The Creative Impostor podcast, episode 054

“I actually think if you don’t have that [impostor] feeling, then you’re not doing the right thing.” ~Samantha Mant on The Creative Impostor podcast, episode 054

“Healing is a journey and I get to hold space for people, and I feel really honored.” ~Samantha Mant on The Creative Impostor podcast, episode 054

“Making a practice to feel fear and express anger and sadness in healthy ways creates the momentum to push you forward.” ~Samantha Mant on The Creative Impostor podcast, episode 054
“We have so much more insight to our own body and what works for us than anyone else.” ~Samantha Mant on The Creative Impostor podcast, episode 054
“Well what am I going to do now? … If I can’t heal myself and work in a way that I want to work and hold this career and live my purpose, who am I to be a naturopath and help other people heal?” ~Samantha Mant on The Creative Impostor podcast, episode 054
Make sure to subscribe to The Creative Imposter on iTunes! There are many fabulous interviews with so many inspiring, wise women, some of whom I’m lucky enough to call friends!
Look out for Isabelle Rizo, Monica Martin, Charlotte Eléa, Aimee DuFresne.. and many more 😉
Much love to you guys,
Sami Lou ❤ ❤

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