Cultivating Divine Feminine or Yin Energy 

Today I was asked to give advice on how someone could get in touch with their ‘Divine Feminine’. This is one of those questions I love because it can be interpreted in so many ways & can mean something different to everyone. We can also call it ‘Yin’ energy to remove more gender specific leanings to the term. This energy, along with ‘Yang’ or Divine Masculine resides in everyone as core duality of creation & creativity. In order to cultivate our Yin consciously, we have to understand how that energy is expressed; through openness, receptivity, generosity, acceptance, adaptability, intuition, & awareness of cyclic patterns. In a practical sense this might look like:

🌸tracking our hormonal or menstrual cycle

🌸eating seasonally available foods

🌸keeping a record of our emotions, thoughts etc through journaling

🌸creating art, writing poetry

🌸receiving complements, gifts, orgasms, money, abundance

🌸speaking what’s in our hearts with truth & integrity

🌸 honouring our ‘gut feeling’

🌸cultivating supportive connections

🌸upholding boundaries around people, & our emotional & energetic output

🌸time alone to just ‘be’

🌸freeing yourself of limiting beliefs that keep you from growing & expanding into your hearts desires

🌸ritual that honours yourself & nature.

I would love to know how these resonate with you & if you guys have any preferred ways you connect? 💖🔮💖

For more information on cultivating divine feminine or yin energy, you may like to check out my free eBook on Yoni Eggs! Which you will get a copy of immediately sent to you by signing up to my newsletter list! Click here x0x 

📸: Mark Ivory

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