6 Essential Oils for Summer

Summer is a time that evokes high energy, fun filled pursuits, maximised potential, spontaneous action, and abundance. Just as we are surrounding ourselves with the sensory indulgences to reflect this mood, whether it be through seasonal food, spending time in nature, and other physical adventures; I also fill my home and my cosmetic care with scents and essential oils that reflect and magnify this vibe.

In this post I shall share two skin care recipes that work for cosmetic healing and also on the vibrational or subtle levels of our being, to keep us in flow and harmony with summers bounty.

Here is a list of essential oils I love using for summer (or anytime really) and their qualities (please only use 100% essential oils, not scented oils. Scented oils contain no healing chemical components and can be toxic):

Sweet Orange oil; aids creativity, increases luck/abundance/mental focus and play. Helps us to relax, unwind and sleep, yet is still energising for the day~ this depends how and when you use it. Burn this oil in the home to create a welcoming, nurturing, happy and open environment.

Physically, this oil helps with digestion, muscle pains and stimulates the lymphatic system (immune system and swelling/fluid retention).

Grapefruit oil; stimulating, uplifting, stress relieving. Great for skin tone, water retention, digestive issues.

Lemon oil; refreshing and cooling when you feel hot and bothered. Improves concentration. Is highly antiseptic and antibacterial. Improves immune function. Increases circulation. Evens out skin tone and clarifies (breakouts, liver spots, scarring). Keep this in the fridge so it doesn’t spoil.

Sandalwood oil; calming and harmonising to the physical body, mind and the subtle/energetic bodies. Ideal for depression and anxiety. Extremely grounding. Clears and rebalances chakras. Wonderful for both dry and oily skin, any inflammatory skin conditions, scars.

Frankincense oil; slows and deepens the breathing, bringing calm. Antidepressant, reduces anxiety. Elevating and soothing to the mind, grounding, expands consciousness, perfect for meditation. Clears auric field and spiritually protecting. Relieves respiratory congestion. Excellent for any skin condition, also anti-aging.

Lavender oil; reduces pain. One of the Queen oils for skin healing. Assists breathing. Antispasmodic for muscle cramps and period pain. Calming and sedating. Clears the head.


This body scrub will buff away dead, dull, uneven skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. Over time it will appear smoother, clearer, and calm. It will dissolve any bad moods or icky vibes you may of absorbed throughout your day, and shift you into a place of calm, centred, uplifted, capable-ness.

You will need;

Sweet orange oil ~ 6 drops

Grapefruit oil ~ 6 drops

Lemon oil ~ 5 drops

Sandalwood oil ~ 8 drops

1 cup of raw sugar

2 tablespoons of organic coffee grinds (optional)

30-50 mis of raw organic coconut oil (it must be raw to have healing properties intact)

a wooden spoon and ceramic or glass mixing bowls



•Combine your essential oils in a small bowl, mix them together by swishing the bowl around gently. This is how oils are ‘synergised’ or blended best, not by harsh stirring, and never use a metal spoon.

•Gently melt your coconut oil by standing the jar in warm water. Or you can add the coconut oil to the essential oils, and hold the bowl over a cup of steaming water until it liquefies. The oil shouldn’t at any time ‘feel’ warm, as this will destroy the properties. Just let the bowl get warm on the outside and the oil will melt.

•Mix the coconut oil and EO’s together with the wooden spoon, then pour them over the sugar and coffee grinds in the second bowl.

•Combine the wet and dry ingredients with the wooden spoon, gently. Let it stand for a moment before you decide if you need to add more oil, or more sugar to get the consistency you desire.

•Then add the mixture into an airtight container right away, and keep it in a cool dark place. Use it within 2-3 weeks.

•If you have very dry skin; after scrubbing, leave the mixture on your skin for little while to absorb the oils. Rinse with warm water and pat your skin dry.

The citrus oils used in the scrub are photosensitising, so please do not go out in the sun after using this scrub. Use it in the evenings, or on a day when you know you will be indoors.



I love this oil at night time, its not only super soothing to skin thats been exposed to the elements, but so calming to the mind. It will soothe any redness, chapped skin, blemishes, rashes; it’s also firming and astringent. The Coconut oil and Jojoba oil used in this recipe are the only base oils recommended for use on the genital area, as they do not trap bacteria; meaning you may use this as a lubricant or as a hydrating and toning serum for your yoni.

You may also experience some profound dreams, so keep that dream journal handy!

You will need;

Lavender oil ~ 15 drops

Frankincense oil ~ 10 drops

30mls of melted coconut oil

20mls of jojoba oil


50mls of one or the other

If you don’t like body oils and prefer creams, you can mix the essential oils into your favourite body cream. Or make your own cream by melting Shea butter and adding it to a little base oil of your choice (enough to make up to 50mls), a tablespoon or two of raw honey for preservative action, and then adding the essential oils to that.


  • drop essential oils into an amber bottle.
  • swish the bottle around to combine the oils.
  • melt coconut oil by standing the jar in a bowl of warm water.
  • add 30mls of coconut oil to the 20mls of jojoba oil and combine well.
  • pour the base oils into the amber bottle containing the EO’s.
  • shake vigorously until combined well.
  • use as needed.


I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you would like to see more of this content in future, or tell me what your own favourite kitchen witch cosmetic recipes are!

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Much love and summery smells,

Sami Lou x0x

6 thoughts on “6 Essential Oils for Summer

  1. Yummm, I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely want to try the After Sun body oil.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s good for the skin anytime really 😉 you will love it I’m sure x


  3. Waiiit..is almond oil not ideal for yoni?! Been using it as lubricant for the past 8years..oops!
    I have yoyoba also but I use it more for the face..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Almond oil can trap bacteria and increase risk of infection, but if it’s working for you don’t stress about it. Maybe try changing to unrefined raw coconut oil as a change of you feel like if. Jojoba is great for the face, one of my faves for skincare!


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