New moon in Libra

Once again, I’m sharing here the latest post from inside my Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron.

It’s the last post in the month long moon-magic posts I’ve been creating. I hope you enjoy it!

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On Wednesday @9pm Brisbane AEST, 10pm for the rest of the Australian east coast, the moon will be new in Libra.

As the new moon goes direct, we start to feel the increasing renewal of energy build a momentum. The slumber of the dark moon melts away.
An uplifting sense of fresh inspiration, ideas & intentions blows in.

Given the current astrology, & that the moon is turning in Libra, you may feel drawn to reimagine relationships, boundaries (emotional & intellectual), your self-conduct, & the general harmony of your inner & outer environment.
Where do you need to draw a line or make a claim that allows you greater alignment, truth & dedication to the passions that alight your soul?

It is best to wait until just after the new moon to set intentions, as this initial burst of a reborn moon is most powerful/ fertile for planting your new seeds.
But if you can’t get there at the exact time, within 24 hours is still very potent!

We spoke a little about the new moons attributes in the Virgo NM post from last month.
For this month, I thought it might be fun to craft a full ritual as an example to draw inspiration from (or follow to the letter if you like), tailoring to both NM & Libran flavours.
Working with the astrology of the moon certainly enhances the magic you’re weaving.

🌙 New Moon in Libra Ritual 🌙

✨ I like to prepare for a ritual by taking a shower (bath is also fine).
The NM is a great time to exfoliate, physically solidifying the process of renewal.
Mix a few tablespoons of ground coffee (not instant), sugar, a pinch of salt in a small smash proof container.
At this point you may wish to add a drop or two of an essential oil that you like, that speaks to you of libran, Venusian or scorpionic energy;.. rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, frankincense, vetiver etc.
Stir in enough jojoba oil (use olive oil, coconut, apricot oil as substitute) to make a scrub-paste consistency.
Use this mixture in the shower to exfoliate your whole body, avoiding your face.
Allow your mind to calm & be cleansed of the days stressors & events.

✨Make a mugwort tea, or use a tea blend that is similarly calming & altering. This will help you subconscious mind communicate with the conscious. sip on this as you prepare.

✨ Dressing in something to trigger your mind that you are entering into a sacred space, can drop you into ritua & intention setting more profoundly.. ritual robes can be anything.. for this moon, ruled by Libra, Venus & Scorpio (Venus rules Libra & is currently in Scorpio), try leather & / or lace (the quintessential Scorpio vibe), blue, white or pink. But, as always, what you feel most powerful in is where the magic is 😉

✨Libra & Venus love adornments.. jewellery, perfume, body oil, crowns, stick on gems & glitter etc.. all optional of course.. because the most natural of forms is true beauty.. going completely naked for your ritual might be what feels perfect right now.

✨ Gather any or all of these for your altar; tarot or oracle cards, a mirror, your journal, candles, paper to burn, a heat proof receptacle.

✨ once at your altar, light your working candle & envisage yourself & your altar surrounded by a sphere of white light. This is your sacred circle space. You may wish to invoke any god/desses, ancestors, elementals & other metaphysical / archetypal beings into your space as you do this. Asking them for their assistance for the highest good.

✨ Playing music during your ritual can be a great way to alter your consciousness for the working, & to build energy in your space. This would now be the time to do that by dancing, singing, invoking through poem, clapping, or anything else that adds a shift in the energy inside & around you.
The music can be chanting, Tibetan bowls, folk, traditional, to Bollywood or 80’s tunes.. it’s about the mood you want to create.

✨Once you feel charged with energy, you can now channel that into whatever the ‘body’ of a new moon ritual feels good to you.
Write your intentions onto a piece of paper, you can draw sigils, or add perfume, oil, fold herbs or flowers or incense resins into the paper..
draw cards relating to the intentions, or for any kind of clarity you desire this new moon..
Record the reading in your journal…
Hold the folder paper with your intention written close to your heart. Visualise yourself with these intentions manifest. See what may be blocking you from taking action. Once you feel ready, burn the anointed paper in your Cauldron/ heat proof container…
As you watch the paper burn, feel how this desire is being aligned with you & the future.. see yourself making the decisions you need to make & taking action .. identify what beliefs or patterns may be blocking your desires/hopes/manifestations… let your mind travel deep into the flame & smoke & its symbolic communication to you..
Turn to your journal once again. Write down any visions & insights, including blocks to them you may have seen. Write down the next steps you need to take.

✨You may like to end ritual work with a breathwork or meditation practise, (or both) to integrate this deep psyche shift.

✨ Thank the ethereal energies that assisted in your work.. blow them a kiss, leave some incense burning for them, pour them a tea or wine etc to be left on your altar ..
then extinguish your working candle with deep reverence & gratitude in your heart.

Your ritual is now ended.. you may need to eat something to ground yourself, or take a walk in the garden.. make sure to have your journal beside you as you sleep to record your dreams.

✨ the next morning, take the altar offering onto the garden.. this altar
charged tea, wine, incense ash, food, is now a blessed offering for nature.
Any jewellery you wore in the ritual is also now charged with your intention setting; wearing it will keep your psyche aligned with what you’re creating.
Transfer any action taking & other appropriate insights from your journal, into your schedule.
Sharing your work with a fellow Witch or trusted friend can help keep you encouraged with your journey, & deepen your ritual practise. I have a Witch Sister I exchange with daily!

✨remember to make this your own! This is just a simple look at what a ritual can be, it can be even more simple, or more complex, it’s up to you in the moment!

I hope you found inspiration in this my loves, & I hope you’ve enjoyed the month long moon magic posts!

Let me know what’s coming up for you in the comments below, please!

Much love & new moon blessings to you all,
Sami Lou 💖💖💖🌒🌒🌒

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