Part 3: Moon Phases & the Menstrual Cycle: Waxing Moon & Pre-Ovulation

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15936972_10210485353763782_1925619014055959553_o:: MOON & MENSES ::

The Waxing Moon / Pre-Ovulation

The waxing moon is the moon phase that most similarly corresponds to our Pre-Ovulation phase.
Pre-ovulation is charted from day 7 until around day 13-14 depending on when we ovulate, so this will be slightly different according to *your* cycle.
This is the time that is associated with the archetypes of The Maiden/ Virgin & The Lover and the season of Spring ~ resembling the vibrant and emerging energy that unfolds after we have been in the slumber of the dark moon or our menses.

It is in this phase that we feel the sense of a ‘Fresh Start’, we become more enthusiastic about projects, with ideas and inspiration flowing to us and from us.
We find our moods are more balanced and we can speak what we feel much more easily.

The increase of oestrogen in our body also causes testosterone levels to rise and results in more reuptake of serotonin in our brain.
Serotonin is the feel good, make happy, brain hormone, it helps us stay focused and less mood swing-y. Testosterone and oestrogen both increase our physical and mental energy, and make us want to flirt like crazy.
This is because the bodies sex drive knows we will soon be fertile/ovulating and hey-oo, its baby making time.

Of course, there are more ways to take advantage of this energy and drive we are experiencing right now; perpetuating the human race isn’t all that us bleeders do best (please read sarcasm).
This is a more ‘yang’ phase of our cycle, so our energy is more masculine- meaning more open, loud, driven.
This is the time to set romantic dates either single or with a partner (yes, we should romance ourselves!), to arrange a more intense work schedule, to start a new exercise or lifestyle programme, to be thinking along the lines of planting new seeds of what we want to grow in our lives (relationships, health, business, education, creativity etc), and definitely to be letting our hair down for some fun!

You may find in this stage of your cycle things are quite smooth sailing and you’re blitzing through all your goals, but this is a time to be mindful of connecting with our boundaries once again so we don’t burn out later in the month.
If you get to your Pre-menstrual phase and feel like you’re a zapped out husk of rage, tears, and sadness, that is a good sign you’re burning yourself out at this end.

Take stock of your daily tasks, make sure you get enough sleep, don’t skip meals, stay hydrated, remember that you are not a island.
Taking care of the basics means our energy will reserve, allowing us to make the most of this phase and the coming phases.
However, filling up your schedule at this time is more ‘doable’ to pull off and actually enjoy than say at the pre-menstrual or menstrual phase.

As always, follow your own bodies signals and your intuitive knowledge on how you’re doing and what you need. Feeling tired- sleep. Feeling energetic- channel it into something fun and/or nourishing. Get some sex. Try something new. Work on all your projects cos you’re winning at life right now, but also think things through before you say ‘yes’ to everything.

**This is a great time to undertake or learn about Yoni steams and Yoni egg work. You will be more open at this time to new experiences if you’ve not tried these before, and therefore your body will be more receptive also.
Both of these practices help to strengthen and tone the reproductive and hormonal system, but are great at cleansing us energetically too.

Lisa Lister talks about this more in her fabulous book, Code Red

and you can also check our Grace and Layla’s website for great info and safe purchase of Yoni eggs (also called Jade Eggs)

***How does this phase in your cycle feel to you? And what phase are you in right now if the moon is waxing?
If you’re bleeding, how do you think these energies are combining for you?

I tend to be in my pre-ovulation phase at this time, so I’ve synched up my cycle quite well at the moment! I can feel torn between wanting to do lots of work, do heaps of exercise (Im on a body strengthening bender) and hang out with my friends lots as its still summer holiday season here.
I find my self -care practices, taking breaks, booking in for a massage are what slows me down a tad 😉

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions on this in the comments.. and of course I will be around to answer them!

All my love as always,
Sami Lou 

P.S if you’re new here and want to read the other posts on moon & menses, please search on the hashtag moonandmenses below xx

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