Part 2: Moon phases & the menstrual cycle: Dark to new moon & Menstruation

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Recently in the Cauldron, I posted a series on moon phases and how they reflected and synced up with our menstrual cycle. It sparked a great conversation around this topic and I have since decided to keep going with this theme, posting more info, guidance and creative projects that can deepen us into the practice, awareness and therefore healing of not just our menstrual cycle, but our whole life flow.

I am going to be sharing the content I wrote here too, so that you guys don’t miss out and to hopefully keep the exciting conversation going!
If you want to read more in the group as far as peoples comments go, please join and search the hashtag #moonandmenses in the ‘group search’.

In this post, I have included the info for the dark/new moon, the next post will be for the waxing moon. There is so much more I could write as I have been practicing this since I was 14, but I’ve tried to make it succinct for now 😉 If you wish to learn more about moon mapping to our cycle, I highly recommend checking out Lisa Lister’s books.

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Sami Lou ❤



The Dark Moon / Menstruation

(At the time of posting this in the group) The moon is now dark, meaning it is completely void of reflective light from the sun. Tomorrow, it will be a New Moon, as a new silvery sliver can be seen again in the sky and it will wax to full.

The moon is considered ‘dark’ for about 5-6 days in the lead up to (and for some people even over) the new moon. It is associated with the menses or period part of our cycle, The Crone and The Sage archetypes, and winter.
During a dark moon, you may tend to feel more introverted, deeply introspective, emotional, sensitive, reactive, and harbour a great need to build a pillow fort. You may also find that from your mind and mouth flow the most useful, insightful nuggets of wisdom that can border on prophetic. You dreams may become more vivid and feel much more ‘real’.
The dark moon allows us to ebb inwards, revealing our subconcious selves, inner wisdom and things that need to heal.

You may already be begining to understand why it is associated with our bleeding time.
Day 1 of our cycle, when we begin to bleed, we have virtually no oestrogen, progesterone or testosterone levels. This is why we feel so shit, for lack of a better word. Different issues occur when we *don’t* get a drop in these hormones, so to feel low in energy, physically and emotionally more sensitive, and depressed at our bleed and before they start to build up again is completely normal.
As oestrogen rises, some is converted into testosterone, so by the time our period ends (days 4-8 depending on your own cycle) and these hormones have risen, we start to feel more ourselves again.

During your bleed you basically have a trove of symptoms to determine how well you are looking after yourself. They can inform what may be out of balance in your lifestyle and body, what hormones need to rebalance, how your stress levels are, if you’re having trouble with blood sugar levels; basically it will call you out on if you have or havn’t been honouring your self-care, and you will definitely feel if there has been too much pressure placed upon you.

For example, if you don’t have an adequate sudden drop in progesterone before your period, you will experience more cramps, blood clots and possibly brown blood at the begining of your next bleed.
If your blood sugars are off, you might find your blood is a very bright red, almost pink.
Migraines or severe headaches before your period also indicate blood sugar issues, but may also suggest that you don’t have enough oestrogen build up throughout the rest of the month, leaving you with too little too soon before your menses.

The biggest thing to stuff up our hormones is stress. This disrupts all the precursor steroids and cholesterols to hormone production.
Managing our stress levels throughout our entire cycle is soooooo important.

*Regardless of how difficult you find your period to get through, it is a time where we should be taking as much of a break as possible. REST. Build that pillow fort. Sip tea. Drink or eat raw organic cacao. Make long infusions of nettle & red raspberry. Make strong herbal teas of rose, mugwort, passionflower and chamomile to soothe cramps, aches, pains, anxiety and to help you sleep.
Eat lots of cooked veggies and whole grains. Lots of plant based fats. The nervous system is soothed an nourished by these foods. Green and orange veg for blood building.
Cooked and raw fruit to increase your Yin energy and allow you to ‘let go’ of emotions and your bleed.
Cry. Journal. Scream. Do sound meditation, Energy healing.. releasing emotions is so needed at this time.

**The wisdom of our body giving us diagnostic symptoms, is reflected in the wisdom that comes through in our emotions, thoughts and intuition too. The more you listen to your thoughts in objective, non-judgmental stillness, via journaling, meditation or just by daydreaming and letting your mind wander, the more insight into your own psyche you will have.
We are letting go of an old cycle, to make way for a new one, physically, emotionally and mentally. Allowing it all to vent out will clear the space for greater creativity, energy, motivation etc in the coming weeks.
Honesty with ourselves is our greatest healing tool right now, and it is directly linked to our super heightened intuition.

***Who here bleeds on the dark moon? What issues do you find most difficult with your period?

I’m Pre-Menstrual right now, so Im well into hiding from the world, eating chocolate and watching Harry Potter/ Disney/ Jane Austen movies.. I make no apoligies for my obsession with Mr Darcy.
The other cool thing I have noticed about this time for me, is that my personal boundaries become absolutely non-negotiable. If I’m not feeling the vibe of something, I dont do it. Nothing gets between me and my Disney down time!

p.s I realise some of us here have very busy lives and children etc. Even if you dont get to build a fort, (although maybe you can ask your kids to do it for you haha) do try to increase self care wherever possible. Let your family know what support you need. Some of us tend to be terribly inadequate at speaking up, and extremely wonderful at putting others needs before our own. If this is you, I’m sending you extra love and reminding you that YOU ARE WORTHY. 

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