Part 1: Moon phases & the menstrual cycle; waning moon & pre-menstruation

My poor blog has been quite neglected of late. This is because I have been focusing a lot of my content creation into my fantastic Facebook group, The Holistic Branch Cauldron. If you haven’t joined yet, please do! It is open to anyone interested in holistic healing, naturopathy, intuitive living and nature worshiping 😉 It is also full of wise, loving and supportive souls, which makes it my favourite place to hang out!

Recently in the Cauldron, I posted a series on moon phases and how they reflected and synced up with our menstrual cycle. It sparked a great conversation around this topic and I have since decided to keep going with this theme, posting more info, guidance and creative projects that can deepen us into the practice, awareness and therefore healing of not just our menstrual cycle, but our whole life flow.

I am going to be sharing the content I wrote here too, so that you guys don’t miss out and to hopefully keep the exciting conversation going!
If you want to read more in the group as far as peoples comments go, please join and search the hashtag #moonandmenses in the ‘group search’.

In this post, I have included the info for the waning moon, the next post will be for the dark moon. There is so much more I could write, but this is a good starting point. If you wish to learn more, I highly recommend checking out Lisa Lister’s books.

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For now, read on, enjoy, and I hope to see you in the Cauldron Facebook group!

Sami Lou ❤



The Waning Moon/ Pre-Menstruation

(At the time of posting this in the group) The moon is now waning, growing smaller before it becomes completley dark. This phase of the moon is associated with the Pre-Menstrual or ‘third phase’ of the mestrual cycle.
This can be tracked at around day 23 until the day you bleed, then you start the cycle again and are back to day 1.

To explain why this moon phase is associated with this menstrual phase, we look to its affect on our psyche. The waning moon guides us to start looking inward at our own mental and emotional landscape. If we have had a stressful month/cycle, things come to the surface to be purged~ the waning moon makes us feel more introspective, thoughtful, emotional.

Looking at the physical aspects of the Pre-Menstrual phase~ your oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels begin to drop. When oestrogen drops, (causing that highly strung, anxious feeling) it causes serotonin to also drop, which is the mood stabilising hormone.
If this doesn’t have you feeling weepy enough, the drop in progesterone will for sure! Coupled with the drop of testosterone (the confidence hormone) you may question yourself, feeling self doubt about your actions, your choices and possibly even you feel a bit paranoid.

You become more sensitive to physical pain during this time, as well as other peoples comments and opionions. Obviously, its a really fun time!

The archetype we embody at this time is the Wise/Wild Woman or The Enchantress. Due to the fact our senses are hightened and we are so introspective, we become much more intouch with our innate wisdom. We can perceive clearly what we need to eliminate from our lives, whats working, what isn’t, what is important,~ what our *needs* are.

We are working with a much more ‘feminine’ energy, as opossed to the higher driven, more ‘masculine’ energy we experience the two-ish weeks after our period.
This feminine energy is a chance for us to slow down, get connected with ourselves and take stock of whats going on within and without.
If you’re feeling this is diffcult to do, if your emotions and mood swings are off the chart, if your emotional eating kicks in, this is your body inviting you to slow down *more*.
It may also be telling you that you have pushed yourself too hard earlier during your cycle, or that there is an emotional issues you’re repressing, or pointing you toward something that is out of balance in your life.
Listening to your inner wisdom/intuition and honouring it, is your gift, your super power right now, for physical & emotional healing and to help you ease into your period flow.

*To capitalise on this, take time alone each day, as much as you can.* Spend time doing shizz you love, reading or pondering in the bath, wandering (& wondering) around in nature, journaling your heart out, being present in creative projects, meditation, yoga.. in fact body movement is incredibly beneficial for releasing tension and that ‘stuck’ feeling we are prone to at this time. Let your body and intuition guide you towards what you need.

*Increase in your diet: plant based fats (almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, hempseed oil, coconut oil, sesame & flax seeds, good olive oil, avocado, tempeh etc), green veggies, cooked & raw fruit, and eat a little bit of protein with every meal.

**So guys, what do you think? Can you relate to this description of your pre-menses phase? Do you feel more introspective as the moon wanes?
What phase in your menstrual cycle are you at when the moon wanes?

Personally, I’m just finishing ovulation, so that is the ‘mother/creator’ phase. I feel my cycle being at this time makes me more mindful (introspective and consciously creative~ ‘is this worthwhile?’ ‘does what Im saying have purpose?’ etc) of what I create and send out into the world, rather than the random rambling I can tend to do during the full moon!

Please comment below with any thoughts or insights you wish to share ❤


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