Limited Time 1-on-1 Naturopathic Coaching Sessions


So I’ve had an idea, just something to try out, gettin’ my toes wet, havin’ a whirl e.t.c..
To see if one-on-one coaching is something ‘doable’ for myself and if *you* guys are interested!
I thought I would open it up as a trial for 3 weeks at a hugely discounted price, that way you all can help me make this decision 😉
I’m always working one on one with clients over email to some degree, so this might be more fun and easier if it’s a face to face thing.

Our calls wont be a regular in-depth 60-90min session, (if I do decide to take this on, they will be in future and the price will change accordingly) but in 30mins we can hone in on some issues you might be having or look at one big health goal you may have. I’m totally down with anyone wanting to book more than one session, say a week apart, so that we can stay on track accountability wise and monitor progress!
Everyone that books will also have the option to join my ‘secret’ Facebook group indefinitely as a way to stay connected with me through this process. There will be many other beautiful peeps there also taking some kind of healing journey which will be great, as together we can all cheer each other and create a place for potent healing.

These sessions might be for you if:

  • you want to kickstart a change to your current lifestyle routine
  • you cant seem to solve a stubborn health issue
  • you want to learn more about your bodies cycles
  • you want some general tips on how to maintain your good health or optimise on your already great health
  • you want advice about supplements /diet /herbs that are right for you
  • you want to understand your bodies own intuitive healing process
  • you may even want a second opinion on your current health regime

To have a general understanding of how I approach healing, please read this little number.

And if you havent already read my eBook on Nature Cure, you can do so by signing up to my newsletter (I don’t mind if you unsubscribe after you receive the free book ;)). The Nature Cure eBook is titled 6 steps to Improved Skin & Energy, but it goes so much deeper into how to use the elements of nature, diet, rest and exercise for building great health. So this is a fantastic read for a foundation on what we can work with in the sessions.

If you’re feeling called to work with me (deep bows and much gratitude to you) then please hit this link to be taken to my Calendly account, book your time and answer a few questions in the questionnaire. Then you will be given a link to my to confirm your booking via payment. Please note that the price is in Australian dollars.


Interview sessions will be conducted via Skype and you will also be sent my Skype address 🙂

Can’t wait to show up and connect with you in this new and exciting way!

Much love,

Sami Lou x0x

Image: Design by Jane ❤

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